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The Buy – Sell Marketplace for Modern Collectors. We are pleased to introduce our newest endeavor, 1618 Mid-Modern Furniture Store in the Heart of Downtown Orlando’s Thornton Park District.
Why Midcentury Modern Furniture?
  • Vintage midcentury modern furniture can add style to any room of your home or office.

    Midcentury modern is a style of furniture design, product design, and architecture that began after World War II and continued into the 1960s. Often called "mod" and most definitely retro, this style is marked by simplicity, clean lines, organic forms, and materials such as wood, metal, and plastic. Though color is used quite a bit in post-war design, midcentury modern is typically less cutesy than the more pop-art offerings of the later 1960s. It is now recognized by scholars and museums worldwide as a significant design movement.

  • Midcentury modern furniture is known not only for its great lines, but also for its functionality and durability.

    Buying retro modern furniture is not the same as buying used furniture. Buying Vintage modern furniture is an investment. Due to its aesthetic appeal and innovative use of materials, many people view midcentury modern furniture as works of art. Unlike regular furniture which keeps going down in value, prices of vintage modern furniture keep going up as more people collect it. 1618 Furniture has items in all price ranges in which you can invest.

  • Buying vintage furniture from 1618 Furniture is your greenest choice.

    Instead of cutting down trees, digging up the earth, and utilizing dangerous chemicals to make new furniture, buying vintage furniture from 1618 recycles quality furniture and the many different materials in it. Circumventing the manufacturing process also eliminates the harmful byproducts associated with furniture making that can pollute our environment. Of course, anything that is a generation or two old may need refurbishing.

  • 1618 Furniture has Orlando’s largest inventories of vintage and consignment furniture and accessories with Hundreds of items from which to choose.

    Its collection of retro style furniture features items by all the world’s leading designers, made by the world’s leading manufacturers of quality furniture. There is vintage retro furniture priced to suit every budget.

  • 1618’s Facebook page is unsurpassed as a source for midcentury modern furniture and selects consignment pieces.

    Each item listed on has several pictures, a full description of the piece, dimensions, condition, and price. 1618 ships vintage retro furniture worldwide at the lowest prices.

  • Style, collectability, environmental considerations, and selection make 1618 Furniture a great source for midcentury modern furniture and accessories and your choice for finding that unique consigned item and buying retro style furniture online.

1618 Furniture and Urbanista have spent the last 16 years running successful businesses in Downtown Orlando. 1618 is the most established midcentury furniture store in Orlando. Urbanista Brokers has been successfully marketing Downtown Orlando Real Estate. Both believe in Orlando’s Classic Modern Living.

We are now expanding our businesses too…

We’re proud to announce our First midcentury furniture showroom in Thornton Park on Washington across from Dexter’s. We searched for the right space and the best local shopping location. FINALLY..! The first midcentury furniture store in Downtown Orlando’s Thornton Park District. It can be found at:

815 E Washington Street Orlando, FL 32801

Urbanista has created a unique property management approach by providing a Boutique Environment with Corporate Results. Customer Service is the Key to our Success in Downtown Orlando Real Estate. Specializing in Property Management, Urbanista is committed to building long term relationships with landlords, developers and sellers while providing the best professional service to buyers and renters. Our Showroom is located in the 420 East Building on Church Street… Come on by.