Downtown Orlando LOCATOR SERVICE
Looking For Luxury Highrise Apartments for Rent in Downtown Orlando?

We know how challenging it can be to find the perfect place to live in Downtown Orlando. All those hours spent researching apartments online, sorting through endless advertisements, scheduling viewings and visiting potential places – only to find out all too often that what you thought was a good fit really isn’t after all.

That’s where our FREE locator service comes into play. Our team of expert apartment finders are prepared to do all the legwork for you. We’ll go through all the available luxury apartments for rent in Downtown Orlando and shortlist the best options that match your needs, preferences and budget.


Whether you already live in Orlando, or are making the move to City Beautiful, renting a highrise apartment can be a great option. However, the word is out about our beloved downtown, and the rental market has never been more competitive. Scouting locations, filling out applications, and scheduling landlord's a full-time job!

Urbanista offers hands-on assistance to alleviate the stress. We give you an advantage by dealing directly with property managers on your behalf - no need to go head-to-head with other applicants. We offer the same start-to-finish services to renters as we do for home buyers. We want you to find a great place and get the best deal on your lease arrangement.

Your time is valuable.

Many property managers don't work weekends. If you have a 9-to-5 job, making landlord appointments can be disruptive. If you're working late, the kids are sick, or you are simply in a hurry to move out, your rental search takes energy. Your time is valuable, and so is your peace of mind! Hiring an agent is a cost-effective way to weed out the time-wasters and put a laser focus on what you need now.

Be first in line and make a great impression.

Landlords generally prefer to interact with a Real Estate professional who is available and knows the "language" of properties and contracts. By hiring a professional renter's advocate like Urbanista, you are showing a potential landlord that you mean business - and that you are an excellent choice as a responsible, pro-active tenant.

Moving to Downtown Orlando?

Maybe you're planning to travel to Orlando prior to your move, spending a hectic week or weekend in a hotel, and crossing your fingers to find something ASAP. It's simply more cost-effective to hire an agent who's already in the know. From start to finish, we make your transition a breeze.

Downtown Orlando is a city of pocket neighborhoods with distinct personalities. If you're in a rush to move, you might overlook one that's just your style. Are you a bike commuter, car owner, or walk-aholic? Do you require gourmet coffee or craft beer within a certain radius? Have furry friends? Love the nightlife, or prefer peace and quiet? We find the spot that's right for you - and don't waste time on ones that aren't.

Already live in Downtown Orlando?

You've got a handle on what you want, but you may discover that dream apartment or home only to find a line of other savvy Portlanders ahead of you! Landlords tend to have the advantage these days, with plenty of hopefuls to choose from. We minimize your search time and help you snap up the best opportunities.

Urbanista has created a unique property management approach by providing a Boutique Environment with Corporate Results. Customer Service is the Key to our Success in Downtown Orlando Real Estate. Specializing in Property Management, Urbanista is committed to building long term relationships with landlords, developers and sellers while providing the best professional service to buyers and renters. Our Showroom is located in the 420 East Building on Church Street… Come on by.